Rules & Guidelines

Collett Country Farm Policy Statement

Do not enter a horse stall, arena, pasture or paddock without permission from Kristi Collett. Permission granted by Kristi Collett is permission for that specific time or event. It is a one-time only permission; never is blanket permission granted. Permission must be sought every time an entry is made.

If you are coming to the barn outside of a scheduled lesson, please call and let us know that you are coming by. We love visitors and want to share the barn with you. The gold rule: “treat others as you would want to be treated.”

To ensure the safety of the horses, students and all visitors, we must insist that the following rules are kept:
  • No running! – anywhere any time
  • No excessive noise or yelling inside the barn
  • Come at your scheduled time
  • Always ride with a helmet, proper footwear and clothing
  • You will replace whatever you break.
  • No smoking or alcohol
  • No airsoft guns, paint guns, motorized planes, trains, drones, or toy automobiles
  • Do not waste water
  • Do not remove anything from the equipment without permission from Kristi Collett
  • Put any equipment you use away in the proper place
  • Clean any equipment before putting it away
  • Clean up after yourself and your horse
  • Be sure your horse is cool and any sweat marks removed before leaving
  • No tying horses by their bits or headstall
  • No tying horses to anything except a tie ring 
  • Never ride alone or when unsupervised by an adult or other qualified personnel
  • You are responsible for any visitors you bring.

Visitors and Visiting:

If you bring a visitor, you are accepting responsibility for their safety and also ensuring that the visitors follow the Policy Statement Rules and Guidelines. You are also accepting responsibility for any and all damages or inquiries.

Parking and Drop Off:

Parking is located in front of the Texaco station. Do not drive past the Texaco station, when children are playing on the playground. Do not block any driveways. Please park in the parking area. 

Missed Lessons:

For any unattended lessons, contact Kristi Collett, in advance of the scheduled lesson. Missed lesson make-ups are scheduled for the first and/or last Monday of the month. Please sign up on the makeup sheet in advance. Every effort will be made to accommodate your schedule. It is our desire to ensure that the students receive the training and keep on progressing through the learning process.

No Shows:

If you fail to notify us prior to your lesson that you will not be attending we will still charge you for that lesson. We need to remember to respect the time and effort that goes into making sure the horses are ready and available.

Rain Policy:

When it is raining we will have inside lessons to learn about Horse Care and Management. There are many things to learn outside of the arena which can greatly increase the student’s horsemanship and knowledge. In the event that Cobb County Schools are closed due to inclement weather, all lessons will be cancelled; the lesson will be re-scheduled as above.